What to do with your garden waste?

Nowadays everyone has their own hobby: someone likes to knit, someone is crazy about collecting stamps, and someone is spending free time working in the garden. But did you know that even this type of leisure time or kind of a job can really hurt the environment? But it actually does and it is called green waste.

What is green waste?

Technically, green waste is the most common type of garden rubbish. This type of waste includes all the trimmings, such as:
  • raw fruit and vegetables;
  • untreated and unpainted wood;
  • soil;
  • leaves, grass, clippings;
  • seeds that you need to dispose of;
  • pine needles;
  • branches;
  • ivy;
  • Halloween pumpkins;
  • Christmas trees;
  • flowers, weeds etc.
Besides, decorative borders, old edging, landscaping timbers, decking materials, busted up concrete and other types of rubbish are also considered garden junk. When you tear down a deck or do other large landscaping projects you are likely to be faced with huge piles of material that needs to be removed. Unused garden tools and equipment are also a type of garden waste.

What should you do with the green waste?

This is a complicated thought for most people who own their own garden. When you are working in your garden you are producing lots of garden waste. Fortunately, almost all garden waste is recyclable, but it won’t all fit in your recycling bin and you have to know where all that rubbish can legally go. Here is the list of things you can do with the green waste from your garden:

  • Recycle waste naturally by yourself in a backyard composting bin or reduce waste by “grasscycling” lawn trimmings. You can put it into a compost pile along with some kitchen waste. This compost can be used as a natural fertilizer to nourish your plants in their flowerbeds which is a perfect example of recycling.
  • You can also lay some green waste directly over flower beds or garden surfaces to enrich the ground slowly over time;
  • The easiest way to dispose of garden waste is to call a London based private collection service as it cannot be recycled easily. It won’t cost much to hire a garden waste clearance service provider to come to your home and remove the waste. They will dispose of the garden waste properly and you won’t have to worry about a thing!
  • The foremost use of recycled products is in the production of energy. It can generate heat and produces energy, and green wastes are a great source of biofuel, biogas and even electricity.

What does Rubbish Solutions Ltd offer their clients?

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